Welcome to ASCSI

Our mission is to design, develop and disseminate knowledge of how consciousness relates to spirituality.

The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc. aims to offer an arena where those with an interest in the study of consciousness and the fringe sciences can gain access to articles, links and other research to educate and interchange ideas in the zone where spirituality and scientific research interface.

Our main event of the year is our annual conference. We feature a wide range of exceptional speakers presenting subject matter that appeals to both scholars and the general public.

At the academy we wish to provide a venue for those who wish to publish, the Academy prints two scholarly quarterlies, The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and The Searchlight, available to those with paid memberships to ASCS.To see other membership benefits, click here.

Also available to members and free to the general public is our bi-monthly e-newsletter, Spirituality Matters! To learn more and to opt-in to have it delivered directly to your inbox, click here. To connect with others of like interests, be sure and visit the ASCS Community Room to exchange ideas and engage in dialogue with other community members. You will find a wide range of topics to explore to feed your curiosity and enhance your knowledge about your specific interests.And best of all, it’s FREE to participate! Hope to see you there!


Topics that combine human psychology and traditional mysticism, aimed at personal well-being and self-development..


A humanistic approach to awareness, learning and spiritual growth that emphasizes the experience.


The development of new theories and hypotheses to explain natural and paranormal phenomenon.

Our Goals

FIRST, to encourage dialogue, exchange of ideas and cooperation among theologians, scientists, researchers, academics of religion, philosophy, and all scientific and humanistic disciplines in the fields of psychical research, quantum mechanics, consciousness and spirituality studies, new disciplines, as well as the historic sciences in the area where spirituality and consciousness interface.

SECOND, to work closely with all reputable organizations having related interests in the above fields.

THIRD, to conduct an education program for these scholars, the membership and the general public, blending existing data with the interchange of views stimulated in these scholars to the end that the academic, scientific and religious communities may be better informed about such facts and views, their propriety, value and respectability.